Inauguration of the Temple


To recognise our official role in the global organisation of I-Kuan Tao, Tian Di Temple’s official name was changed from "Australian Confucius Mencius Morality Society" to Australia (Nationwide) I-Kuan Tao Headquarters Incorporated on 10 Apr 2012.

John Kavanagh (Councillor  of Moreland City Council), our grand masters, president then (Mr. Peter Lee) and many of us came from all over the world to inaugurate the event.

The establishment of the Australian I Kuan Tao headquarters is a visionary step in line with the concerted effort to propagate the Heavenly TAO to the world-at- large. With the wave of economic and industrial globalisation sweeping across the entire world, the world is ever more in need of a moral voice of awakening and purpose. I Kuan Tao shall play an important role in striking a balance between advances in technology and economy as well as ethics and values.

To achieve universal peace in this world, we need to work together in unison, powered by a deep sense of purpose and gratitude to Heaven’s compassion. The state of universal peace is not impossible. But it is also no mean feat.