2024 Chinese New Year


Come celebrate 2024 Lunar New Year at Tiandi Prayer Hall!

This year we welcome in the Wood Dragon. With the Wood element, we embrace growth, improvement, success and abundance.

          年初一 10th February 2024 (Saturday)

          年初二 11th February 2024 (Sunday)

          Time: 10 am ~ 3pm

We will be open for blessings in the Prayer Hall, while performances and a few stalls will be open in the outdoor premises as well.

May the Year of the Dragon be the start of your journey of self-discovery.



今年我们迎来了木龙。 有了木元素,我们拥抱成长、进步、成功和丰富。

       年初一, 二月十日(周六)

       年初二, 二月十一日(周日)

       时间: 10 am ~ 3pm