Visit to Shen Wei Temple


The Australian Nationwide I Kuan Headquarters members are invited to visit Shen Wei Temple at Gao Xiong (Taiwan) every year. This year, we had 20 members participated in the trip. We were there for about one and the half weeks, from 8 dec to 18 dec.

The I Kuan Tao family at Taiwan was very dedicated and hospitable. The temples were truly majestic and eye opening for all of us. There was so much to learn and we hope more members could visit the Shen Wei Temple again next year.


Shen Wei 2
At Tian Huang Gong at Central Taiwan


Shen Wei 3
Shen Wei Main entrance


Shen Wei 6
The Aussie Team at the Fete


Shen Wei 4
Grand Finale for I Kuan Tao members all over the world